I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 67

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I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 67

67: Yield at the Royal Library

Earl Noir informed me in with gentle eyes, “The Earl is the same as usual. When I met him last time and before I could ask about you, he told me, ‘I left her to a distant acquaintance to learn good mannerism’. He seemed a bit lonely. And rest assure. Rumours about you have not circulated in the noble world. And as for your family, I heard that your eldest sister is getting married soon.”

I was able to listen to that more calmly than I thought I would be able to. He didn’t know who could be listening, so he didn’t say my name even though he knew that Ayesha-marie was Lady Ann. I appreciate his thoughtfulness.

I see, so everyone’s fine.

My father already thinks of me as someone he left to someone else far away. He won’t think that I’m currently in the Royal Capital now, will he? I have to be careful so that I won’t run into him. I promised them that I wouldn’t cause the Thousand House any trouble after all. I haven’t become a commoner yet, but I’ll keep my promise.

Earl Noir was only being considerate of me when he told me that my father seemed lonely. I didn’t influence father’s life much even if I’m there or not. The topic about me was probably taboo in the Thousand House now. Family, huh…? This feels like we’re talking about someone I knew long ago.

I have barely thought about father and the Thousand House since I left. I didn’t think about them on purpose. If I remembered them then I would feel small and uncomfortable. It was to the point that I purposely try not to think about how they’re doing.

Still, I’m glad to learn that I wasn’t bothering the Thousand House with my whereabouts. I was a bit relieved. Even I was unwilling to leave them with unpleasant feelings even though I’ve left them.

I guess I look doubtful.

Earl Noir, who was standing next to me, looked unsure and said, “Should I not have said that?”

“Earl Noir-sama, thank you for telling me this.”

I expressed my gratitude with the best expression a noble lady could use. I didn’t show my emotions on my face. Even if I don’t warn him not to, I don’t think he would have anything to inform my father.

I raised my face and smiled at him.

Earl Noir watched as Lady Ann smiled… (I’ve caused you a lot of trouble just by telling His Highness about you haven’t I?)[1]Noir

He was aware that he was the culprit, but he never uttered it.



I was told that I couldn’t borrow maps or books related to public order, but I asked to borrow the Royal Palace Paperwork Dictionary since I could. Of course, I didn’t understand the terms that His Highness and the others used.

I thanked Earl Noir again for many things and could finally visit the bookshelves aimed at commoners after I separated from him.

(I don’t have much time left. I’ll just confirm what books are aimed at commoners today.)

There were bookshelves a head taller than me lined up in a big space. It looked like a little maze.

It was for commoners, but nobles could use this section too. Actually, high-ranking nobles didn’t seem to have much use for books aimed at commoners, though.

There were a lot of books here for entertainment than those for study. There seemed to be books with beautiful illustrations for children and love stories aimed for the general public as well.

The book I want to read is a book on stars. Or was it constellations? I found out in Coolden that the arrangements of stars had names. I slept early and woke up early when I was Ayesha-marie, and I only thought the stars were pretty if I had the chance to look up at the night sky. I didn’t have time to think more than that before. Even if I was awake at night to greet someone, I never went outside. So, when I walked at night with someone at Coolden, I didn’t know what constellations was when we talked about it. It was a little frustrating that everyone knew what they were but I didn’t, that was why I wanted to learn about them.

I had to study things I didn’t know. I’ve been doing this since I was young. It was common sense. I improved my life with the knowledge I gained.

Therefore, I looked for another librarian like Earl Noir. A book goddess with a green-grey badge attached to the left collar of her jacket, bingo!

I looked around and found her. A lady with fluffy light brown hair was crunching near the foot of a bookshelf while holding six books. It looked like she was shelving the books that had been borrowed. I called out to her from behind, “Mm. Excuse me.”


She adjusted the six books in her arms, stood up and turned around. She also worked at the Royal Palace like me, since she had the eggplant coloured dress under her jacket. I felt a bit closer to her.

“I’m looking for books on constellations. Could you tell me where they are?” I said and she guided me to a place that was two bookshelves away.

I kept standing and took out a book that I was curious about from the title. I flipped through the book. Hmm, there’s this many constellations? So stars look like this. Unfortunately, I don’t think I could memorise this many constellations.

In the book, I noticed a description for a star that was fixed and is used as a point of reference for other stars. 『The Guiding Star』… I felt like I’ve heard this before, or not? It floated at night in the north. If I look up at the night sky for a few nights, then even I would be able to remember it.

My harvest from the Royal Library today was the Royal Palace Paperwork Dictionary and the guiding star.

It’ll be nice if I can come here again soon, I thought as I returned to the Royal Palace.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam


1 Noir