03: A Little about the Past 02

I heard from my mother that my father had a wife and other children besides me. But after all, how could a 3 year old child understand this?

I, who couldn’t grasp the situation well, was taken to the estate alone by a maid. I stood firmly in the parlour.

Before my eyes was a beautiful woman with lightly wavy red hair. She stared at me coldly. This was when I knew that the woman in front of me was Furore-sama. The boy, with reddish brown hair, standing behind Furore-sama, as if she was protecting him, was also staring at me coldly… It was my older brother Guerlain. There were also two girls hiding in Furore-sama’s dress with the same reddish brown hair… The one with almond-shaped eyes was older sister Catherine and the one with droopy eyes was older sister Rosalie.

My father had light brown hair and my mother light blonde, so I had straight caramel hair.

I never had the opportunity to play with children my age, I could only watch them from afar so I must have looked at my siblings with great interest. Still, I had never seen anyone with red hair up close and my unsightly gaze quickly cause Furore-sama displeasure.

“Know your place.”

I thought that the beautiful red haired woman was coming towards me and my body jumped.

My cheeks were pressed with the folding fan.

My surprise won over my pain and I didn’t know right from left.

The folded fan dropped to the floor when I looked down.

The beautiful red haired woman left the parlour when I lifted my gaze from the floor.

My father picked me up off the floor and said, “The person who left just now was my wife Furore.” I didn’t blame the woman nor did I treat my cheeks.

My standing in the estate was decided at this point. My position was the bottommost.

A room at the end of the first floor became my bedroom. It was a guest room that wasn’t so big. The ‘noble education’, in other words, education given to me by a tutor was conducted in the study room. Other than that, I remained confined in my room. If I had time, I would return to the gardener’s work cabin where my mother was, but I could only remain in my room when I couldn’t return. My mother could only enter the kitchen so she didn’t know anything about what was happening.

The people who worked at the estate also looked down on me and didn’t help me. Well, my mother said it was normal to do things for oneself, so for a while, I didn’t realise that this wasn’t how a noble lady should be treated. They probably didn’t want to get involved. No one wanted Furore-sama to scowl at them.

I stayed at the estate in 3 week intervals under the guidance of a private tutor. During my stay, I would learn table manners and dancing on top of my education. I would suddenly be called back to the estate and quickly returned to my small room. I would study for 3 days a week for half the day in the mornings when I didn’t stay in the estate. My life continued like this.

Did your brothers and sisters take the same education as you?

Sometimes I would learn with them and sometimes I wouldn’t.

Still, they were older than me so they could do everything. My siblings wouldn’t teach me even if I was struggling and it barely looked like the tutor got angry at this. When they were younger, they would gang up and bully me. When they got older, they would ignore me or treat me like a servant.

I had no choice but to obey my tutor’s instructions. Only the tutor would come into the estate to talk to me. She would answer my questions.

My mother would often tell me to thank my father, who gave me the opportunity to learn ‘noble education’.

Yeah, yeah. That’s right, commoners didn’t have this opportunity.

My mother taught me how to live as a commoner.

That’s why I became who I am today.

Translator: Blushy
Editors: Readers

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