4th Supplementary Lesson – Luca’s POV

Duke Inglacia Luca, who after reaching his rank, said let’s get married, had finally gotten married this past spring. Both Luca and the person who became his wife, Elsa were 29 years old.

It was typically a late age for marriage but those two weren’t people who minded something like that. In other words, when people received the news that they were engaged to be married, people were rather surprised that they had not already been married.

The two have been close for 20 years. They didn’t feel like anything had changed after marriage but the people who watched them, did.

Honestly, Luca had always wanted to spoil Elsa and when they got married he could finally express those feelings.

Elsa was a university professor so she stayed there during the semester. Even so the only reason they could get married in spring was because it was her day off and she could return to the Royal Capital. Of course, there were also times when Luca went to visit her at the university. It was a little lonely but Luca loved that Elsa so he thought it was fine.

Elsa was a woman with a straight-forward personality. Honestly, Luca thought that Elsa was more chivalrous than himself. He honestly wondered what had happened that time she told him, “I want to spoil you”. Was she that cute? (How horrible).

Luca looked at Elsa’s face as she was thinking about what she should do next. Elsa was good at card games that required calculations and games that required her to read her opponent, but Luca was good at strategy games. Well, strategy games…… in other words, chess, also required one to read their opponent. But that was probably a question of experience.

Nonetheless, they played a game with Rebecca and Gaius. Elsa had suggested that as a handicap they should change the chess pieces into shot glasses. However, the alcohol they had used was not distilled liquor. Since Luca wasn’t good with alcohol, Sangria, a low alcohol content drink was put into his glass.. He was usually someone who drank distilled spirits, when he visited the northern kingdoms.

The person who took the piece had to drink the shot. Luca was stronger in chess so he inevitably drank a lot. He was still fine right now. Elsa was also a strong player so it was quite a close match. Luca’s head began to become quite cloudy.

“…… Luca, your hands are shaking a lot.”

Elsa said as she moved a white piece, then she drank the shot glass that she had captured. Elsa was as strong as always with alcohol and she didn’t turn red when she drank.


Elsa sacrificed her bishop and escaped. Luca, who reluctantly took the bishop, poured Sangria into his glass and drank it.

The alcohol hit him in that moment. Meanwhile, Elsa checkmated Luca’s king. Then, Elsa noticed that Luca was slightly leaning over and reached out to him.

“Are you okay?”


Luca gripped Elsa’s outstretched hand and pulled her towards him. Elsa stood up so that the chess board wouldn’t drop.

“Hey. Let go, it’s dangerous.”

Elsa said angrily but Luca didn’t let go. Elsa abandoned the game and moved next to Luca.

“Hey, are you alright? Are you going to sleep now?”

“…… Are we done with the game?”

“…… I got it. I’m the bad one for suggesting this game. Let’s sleep now. You won’t be able to sleep tomorrow, you know?”

Elsa tapped Luca’s shoulder. Luca, who was really drunk, was drawn in by Elsa’s gentle voice and pulled her arm once again.


Luca had unexpectedly pulled her pretty hard and she fell into his lap. He pulled her body up and sat her down on his knee. Then, he hugged her. She was the perfect body pillow.

“Wait a moment, Duke. You’re just going to sleep like that? It’s bad for your body!”


Luca rubbed his nose against Elsa’s nape and replied absent-mindedly. Elsa resigned herself to the situation, put her hands on Luca’s back, and patted it.

Times like this made him happy. Elsa also said this but they settled at a strange place after being contracted lovers. However, Luca had always thought that he would get married to Elsa. Although along the way his thinking changed to『I want to get married with Elsa』.

“Hey, wait. Don’t sleep yet. Can you stand?”

Elsa got off his knees and tried to stand him up. Luca stood up with her support. Which reminded him, didn’t Elsa also take care of him like this when he fell ill last season?

“Pardon me.”

Elsa said as she took of his jacket. He sometimes thought that Elsa’s way of speaking was old fashioned. Was it because she’s a historian?

“…… Elsa.”

“What is it?”

It’s fine if you sleep, Elsa said. Luca took Elsa’s hand as she sat on the bed and kissed her fingertips.

“Tell me a story?”

“A story?”

Elsa said with a slightly troubled tone while tilting her head.

“You can tell me a myth or something.”

Honestly, ah, she’ll tell me, he thought. He wanted to try saying something like that. Being able to spend time with Elsa like this made him glad that he was able to get married.


The next morning he awoke to the rare sight of being embraced by Elsa. Rather than rare, it was probably the first time this had happened. He happily buried his face into her chest. Elsa began to stir as if she was ticklish.

Elsa was honest as usual. He couldn’t normally do something like this while she was awake and he felt that being able to watch her sleep was like a side benefit. Luca wrapped his arms around Elsa.

“…… I understand that you’re sleepy.”

He suddenly heard a voice from above and he lifted his face to look at Elsa. Elsa’s grey eyes were staring down at him.

“You’ll be late if you don’t get up.”

Upon hearing that, Luca looked at the time. Elsa was right. But……

“Just a little longer.”


He wanted to be with Elsa for just a little longer, but she roused him out of bed. How she do it? She threw him out of bed. She was very rough. Luca also caused this to happen.

“How’s your hangover?”

“It’s fine.”

Elsa bluntly replied, “I see”. But that bluntness was just Elsa. She also got off the bed and pulled Luca off the floor, “Come on”.

“I’m sorry I was rough with you.”

There, there, she said as she stroked his cheeks. Luca thought that these gestures of hers were cute.

“Hey Elsa.”

“What is it?”

Elsa replied as she put on the shawl she was wearing yesterday. Luca looked at her appearance and replied as serious as ever.

“Won’t you give me a kiss?”

“…… Are you still sleeping with your eyes opened?”

“…… I’m serious.”

Half of him expected her to do it while the other half didn’t think that she would. Luca stared at Elsa.

“…… Lean over.”

Elsa said as she sighed. Luca was filled with a little hope and bent over.

“You id~iot.”

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