Chapter 003: Meeting Brother

Has it been nearly six months? How do I know, you say? Actually, because I can roll in bed now. The range of my movements was only on the bed, but it was interesting to be able to move freely. My right leg is moved with a jerk, and then I put force in my hand at the end. See? I, who had rolled around, lifted my face from the bed and smiled towards the space which had no one in it.

No, there was someone in the space which I thought had no one in it. I met the gaze of the boy who was there. The boy had his eyes widened in surprise.

“Daau,” I spontaneously raised my voice in surprise. The boy was startled, and he gripped his hands; then he left the room. Mmm. Looking back, he has silky blonde hair and violet eyes. He looked around 10 years old. I don’t know the standard of western features, but I wonder if he is a relatively handsome boy.

Yup, that’s probably my brother.

I lowered my face which had been raised up, rolled over once to return to my original position and looked up at the ceiling. It was still chilly when I was born, but now I sweat if I move vigorously. My clothes also became thinner, and the other day, people made a fuss because I got heat rash when I bathed.

That is to say, it’s summer. Summer meant summer holidays, and students come home in the summer holidays.

He didn’t want to come home, and when he did his sister was there. He probably wanted to take a peek at that sister. It was regrettable that I was grinning broadly at our first meeting, but my brother, who entered without knocking, was the one at fault.

At any rate, does blonde hair and violet eyes look like that? I’ve never looked in the mirror before, so I don’t know my own appearance. My arms were tender, and my legs felt muscular because I moved them too much even though I was a baby. Also, I’ve only seen my glossy hair from the edge of my eyes.

If I look a bit like him, then I might be a beauty. I thought as I rolled over again.

From then on, I began to eat baby food, and at the same time, Martha started coming here less. I felt lonely, but on the other hand, my brother started to come here. He would open the door and stare at me. I was a little wary at first, so we continued to confront each other without meeting each other’s eyes, but it didn’t seem like I had to worry about him doing something to me, so I talked like normal while rolling around and then practised sitting up by rolling.

Yes, I was finally able to sit with some help. It was really convenient for when I was made to eat baby food.

My next goal was to sit on my own. I was rolling around for the time being, and something poked my cheeks.


I moved my eyes and saw that my brother was poking my cheeks with his finger.


Stop it. I wanted to say, but my brother continued to push at my cheeks with his finger while remaining expressionless. It’s soft, isn’t it? But, you know.

“urt, uurt.”

I brushed away brother’s finger with my hand. I’m telling you it hurts! Then this time, he pinched both my cheeks. It’s squishy.

“uurt, uurt.”

I’m telling you you’re pinching too hard. Stop it.


He pinched my cheeks harder, and it started to hurt.


I was sad that he wouldn’t stop no matter how many times I told him to, and finally, tears started dripping from my eyes.

“Agyaa, gyaai!”

He was startled that I was bawling and looked at my cheeks which had become red, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that,” he said and ran off.

Even if he hadn’t done that on purpose, what hurts, hurts. I kept on crying, even though I knew that nobody would come. I didn’t know that my brother was all shook up in the corridor because he could hear me cry.

However, he kept on coming here without having learnt his lesson. It was like he had nothing else to do.


He wasn’t wary of a baby for long, and my cheeks would be pinched again if I let my guard down.


S, to, p. But, the way he touched me this time didn’t hurt. I looked up at him in wonder, “I practised with Sebas,” he said softly.

Oooh, he hadn’t hurt me on purpose. Then, that’s fine. I became happy and flapped my arms and legs; then I rolled and showed him that I could sit. Yes, I can sit on my own now.

My triumphant expression must have been interesting because brother held his stomach and laughed, “Fu, haha.”

Then, he said, “Say, can I hold you?’


I refused. First, you had to be close. You can’t just suddenly hold a baby. Moreover, a 10-year-old boy would definitely drop a baby if they were to carry one. I definitely don’t want him to hold me. But, brother didn’t understand my unpleasant expression.

“Up you go.”

No, stop it! I resisted in vain as hands grabbed me from under my armpits and tightly lifted me up. Then, he lifted me over the crib fence.

I was held by my brother only by the armpits; it was really unstable and uncomfortable. It was painful not to be supported at my butt.

“Something feels wrong.”


“Should I sit down?”


It’ll be better than now. My brother sat down on the ground where he was and collapsed on his back. I fell face down onto my brother’s thin chest.



You reap what you sow. Brother continued to hold me as he softly rubbed my back.

“You’re warm.”


It is hot after all.

“You’re soft.”


I am a baby. Brother is thin but firm. Are you eating properly? I reached out and patted brother’s cheek.

Brother put his hands on top of mine and pressed it firmly against his cheeks.



“Your warmth is the same as Kaa-sama’s.”


I’m sure it’s not the same. But mother probably caressed brother’s cheeks gently like this, and she probably hugged him too.

“It’s not your fault.”


Yes. It’s troublesome to be blamed for mother’s death. Because-.

“I have memories of Kaa-sama. But you don’t have any memories of her.”

Yes, the person who is actually hurting is me.




No matter how many memories I have from my previous life, I was still really lonely. I wanted someone to hold me more, talk to me more, love me and tell me I’m cute.


You knew it. Brother nervously called my name. Then, let’s answer him.

“Aai. Niini.”



We hugged each other tightly. No. Brother was pressing his arms around me tightly. No, stop, something’s going to come out!

“Luke-sama? Ah!”

Sebas happened to walk by until he saw that I was making a commotion.

He lectured brother on how to treat a baby. I was left on the floor, forgotten by the two. This is…… a chance!

*ROLL ROLL ROLL*. On the wide floor that wasn’t the crib. I can roll everywhere. *ROLL ROLL*.

“Do you understand? A baby is, ah, Leila-sama!”

“Ah, Leila!”

I was quickly captured.

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