Chapter 041: Second Half of Lei’s Day

Lunchtime came right away after that. Employees usually went home to eat lunch. Alistair had ran out to buy three portions, or rather, 2.5 portions of food and we ate that.

He’d brought a few thin pancake-like things, steamed meat slices and pickled vegetables. The meat and vegetables were put in the pastry between two slices, and we ate them. When we’d finished eating, “Yosh, we brought it,” Kyaro and Clyde came carrying a large frame.  

“It’s for when Lei takes naps. We took apart some things that weren’t being used and made this.”

“We’ve already put the bigger one in Alistair’s room,” Kyaro said, and they put the small bed in the corner of the workshop, and set the mattress.

“They’re really good at their job.”

Bart laughed.

“A bed’s nice, but let’s do that?”


“The thing Lei made.”

And, it was decided that I would build blocks with Alistair for the rest of lunchtime. Of course, I would get sleepy if I did that after eating. I got onto the bed and slept. When I woke up, it was already time to go home.


“Ai,” I replied to Alistair’s voice and rubbed my eyes because I’d just woken up.

“Come on, it’s time to hunt.”


He picked me up while I was still on the bed.

“Wait!” Brendel said.

“What is it?” Bart replied questioningly.

“Don’t tell me you’re gonna take this kid with you on your hunt?”

There were no more customers at this time, and the other workers were on their break, so it was just Brendel and us.

“Yeah, that’s the plan.”


Brendel looked angry.

“Why do you need to take a baby out of the barrier?”

“But Lei was right next to us when we hunted during our journey.”

“That’s-,” Brendel said before looking around restlessly.

“Well, the people in this town won’t say it, but they know you have a barrier box. While that may be true, you still shouldn’t take her.”

“I’m scared she’ll be kidnapped if we left her in town.”

“Leave her here.”


Brendel and Bart glared at each other.

“Brendel, you said it yesterday didn’t you? Some suspicious guys came to this town before we came back. They probably came from Kaylie to look for something.”

“That’s why you should leave her here.”

“No, can do.”

“Bart, I’m strong. You know this, right?”

“I know you used to be a hunter. But, I don’t want you to get hurt when powerful guys come, regardless of if she gets made into a commodity or not.”


I’m okay with going hunting or staying here, but I don’t know what will happen once something dangerous happens.

“Lei, let’s go.”


In the end, Brendel didn’t force Bart to leave me here, so I went hunting with Alistair and the crew. I was put in the basket of one happy Rug Dragon.

We left town and headed north. Even though we’d left the barrier, barely any Hollows appeared at this time.

“Aite, let’s go over there,” Bart announced.

“If we want to be safe, then we should stay right outside the barrier, but we have a barrier box. You got it, Lei?”


I held onto the barrier box that had been entrusted to me as I sat in the basket. My job was to switch it on once I received the signal. That was all.

We chatted while waiting for the sun to set. Then, Alistair and I faced the forest instinctively.

Everyone turned towards the forest in surprise, and finally, a swaying shadow appeared one after the other with a *WHIRR*.

“Lei, barrier.”


*CLICK* The barrier wrapped around the five dragons and me. Bart and the others left the barrier. They were going to fight as if they didn’t have a barrier, but there weren’t as many Hollows as there were when we were travelling.

There were always two people fighting. The others watched their surroundings, picked up magic stones as soon as they dropped and quickly returned their attention to the two fighting. Awhile after we’d started hunting the Hollows, the moment came when the Hollows moved far away, and none approached. At that moment, Bart said, “Withdraw,” and everyone ran towards the barrier. Then they immediately got on the dragons, and the dragons ran towards town. The Rug Dragons were faster than the Hollows. We entered the town barrier before they could catch up to us, so I switched off the barrier box. Next, to me, Kyaro and Clyde talked about today’s results.

“Mm, things should work out if Lei behaves herself.”

“It was easier since we didn’t have to protect the dragons.”

“Alright, let’s go,” Bart said, and every one replied, “Ok.”

That was my first day at Lentforce.

The next morning, I was caught by an anxious Brendel.

“Hey, Emi, check this kid out for me.”


Brendel’s wife was waiting for me. She carried me to their house, but it didn’t feel uncomfortable being held by her. She was soft.

“Your name’s Lei, right?”

“Ith’sh Leila,” I said trying to be cool. Wife-san looked gently and said, “So it’s Leila? That’s a pretty name. Can I call you, Lei?”

“Ai. Emi-syan.”

“Haha. You can just call me, Emi.”


We talked as she checked my head, behind my ears, under my chin, my neck and my palms.

“Hmm, everything looks fine. Your clothes are clean. Your cheeks are puffy. You look fine.” She said in relief, then she asked me with a serious look, “Are you afraid to sleep at night because you were taken on a hunt?”

“I’m noth shcared. Withh Awishthair.”

“I see.”

She looked relieved and went to get a stuffed animal in the shape of a Rug Dragon, “You can have this,” she said as she gave it to me. Rug Dragons are brown, but this one was pink. I can’t believe she gave me a stuffed animal, but that was fine by me. The Rug Dragon was big enough to fit into a one-year-old infant’s hands, and for some reason, it became something that I couldn’t separate from and was always by my side.

Thus, my life started smoothly in this town.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: HSM