Chapter 058: Things to Take With

Why did Alistair ask the Prince to wait a week?

“I still haven’t taught some people how to train their magic yet.” 

Because of that. That wasn’t true. Alistair taught people how to train their magic, and those people taught others. Of course, people wouldn’t know how to do this at first if they weren’t hunters, so their training progressed slowly. Still, results were achieved.

But I can’t deny that there are people who would take it easy and think it would work out somehow if Alistair were around even if they fail or forget how to train their magic. They finally got serious about training their magic when they heard that Alistair will be going to the fief capital in a week. 

How are my preparations, you ask? 

To begin with, I was kidnapped with nothing on me. The things I’ve gained since then are a few changes of clothes, a broken magic tool and a stuffed rug dragon. 

The pink rug dragon was taken away by Emy one day, and she gave it back to me on the same day. 

“Look, the belly part of this rug dragon, see?”

I’d thought she’d just stitched it, but she’d turned it into a hidden pocket. 

“I don’t know if you understand me even if I tell you this.” 

Emy tilted her head a little.

“But, you know, it’s big enough to fit a piece of silver or something small. I’m going to put something important in it.”


I put my rug dragon, which had been turned into a pocket, properly on my shoulders.

“This might be unreasonable, but I hope that you’ll remember this town whenever you see this rug dragon. It was fun.”

“Ai. Thhanwsh.”

“You’re smart,” Emy said and laughed, then quickly went back to work. 

The week passed by as normal, if not a little hectic. Apparently, the Prince has a base in the neighbouring town, and he selfishly said before leaving, “I’ll pick you two up in a week. I’ll prepare the things you need at the capital. You don’t have to bring anything with you.” He left some ‘guards’ here, but well, I guess it’s more helpful than not leaving them here. They’re dropping money at the inn after all.

Kyaro and Clyde were busy on some days and couldn’t come home and there were also times when Bart and Mill were busy. So we couldn’t spend our last days here together with them much and in the blink of an eye, it’s already the day before we leave.

I was organising my luggage with Alistair in our room. Well, it was only my clothes and broken tool box. 

“Are you really going to take this magic tool with you?”

“Ai. And dwagon.”

I showed him the stuffed animal that I always have with me. 

“I really want to take some building blocks with me, but whatever. I can do some woodwork, so I’ll try to make some when we get to the fief capital.”

“Don’th fohget thwiangwesh.”

“I won’t. I won’t be able to make roofs without them.”


Alistair ruffled my hair.

“Awishthair, thhath’sh aww?”

“For me? Yeah.”

Alistair only packed a shoulder bag.

“I’m a hunter. I just need a Rhodolite sword and a change of clothes. Bart and the others usually carry the camping tools. Hunters actually don’t camp that much in the first place.”

That’s true.

“Because the Hollows will attack.”


“You might be fine?”

“I can’th puth bawwier up if I’m ashweep.”

Alistair looked like he couldn’t understand what I was saying, but then he suddenly realised and went pale. 

“I see, so barriers made by people aren’t almighty.”

Then he hugged me.

“Don’t push yourself.”


I want to say that someone always pushes themselves too hard, but it’s troublesome, so I didn’t.

“Hey, Alistair, Lei.”

At that moment, I heard knocking on the door, and Kyaro was the one who’d opened it. 

“Bring your bags downstairs once you’re done. Oh, you two get along so well.”

He laughed when he saw that I was being hugged. It’s fine. We do get along well after all.

“I was telling Lei not to push herself.”

“That’s important.”

Alistair followed after the laughing Kyaro and also took my luggage with him. As for me, I carefully walked down the stairs. 

Everyone has gathered downstairs for a while now. They each had a bag by their side. I widened my eyes in surprise when I saw that.

“What is it, Lei? I said that we’ll come with you to the fief capital, didn’t I?” Bart laughed.

“Ai, buth-.”

“We would have done this even if you’d gone by yourself, but Alistair is with you too this time. Don’t feel bad.”

Bart crouched down and put his hands on my cheeks while I was looking down. That’s right. They’ve known Alistair much longer than me. Of course, they’ll send him off. I felt better.

We can still be together.

“Oh, your eyes are shining. We’ll still be together for a little while longer.”


Then, Mill, who was looking in the cupboard under the sink, said pitifully, “I like this kettle, but it’s too heavy to take with us.”

That was the kettle he used to make tea on their days off. 

“You can buy another one once we settle down.”


Mill pouted as he looked at the kettle. He finally gave up and reluctantly put it back into the cupboard.


I looked back and saw Alistair looking at Mill in shock as he put the kettle away.

“Your luggage-.”

Luggage? I looked back. I feel like that’s a bit too much stuff to take on a trip. And-. I surveyed the first floor. There’s not a lot of things in the rooms. 

“You noticed?” Bart crossed his arms awkwardly.

“Well, it’s like that.”

“Like what?!” Alistair sounded confused and a bit angry.

“It looks as if you’re not coming back here.”

“Alistair,” Clyde’s low voice echoed.

“Hunters can work anywhere. It’s about time for us to try our skills in a different town.”


Alistair didn’t know what to do.

“We’ve arranged things with the Prince.” 

Kyaro winked.

“You live with us at the fief capital and commute to the castle for your lessons. It’ll be hard to make time for hunting, but it’s better than nothing.”

“Kyaro! But-.” 

“And-,” I looked at Mill who wanted to say something and saw grease on the tip of his nose. I took out a handkerchief from my pocket, “Miww handwerchief.”

“What is it?”

He bent over, and I wiped his nose.

“Oh,” he said as he wiped it again with his sleeve. He forgot his handkerchief again.

“I’m sure we’ll have new encounters if we go to the capital.”

“I think so too,” Clyde agreed with Mill.

“Guys-.” Alistair looked down and quickly rubbed his face with his sleeve. Everyone pretended that they couldn’t see him do this.

“Alistair, we might have been taking care of you at first, but we’re a party now.”


“Let’s go to the fief capital together and have fun.”


“Now, let’s leave the luggage here and have dinner.”


And tomorrow, we’re all leaving. 

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam