Chapter 061: Four Marquises: Molesey’s Appearance (Otou-sama’s POV)

Kingdom’s barrier was made using five magic stones. Each was the size of an adult’s fist, and each is easily said to be enough to create a barrier around a town. However, by combining the five magic stones, it was possible to create a barrier which covered a whole country, much less five towns.

However, if magic isn’t left within the five magic stones, then the barrier would not activate. Therefore, the royal family and the four Marquis Houses maintain the stones and govern the country at the same time. Our authority doesn’t waver because the continuation of the barrier would be jeopardised if we are short on one of the Marquis Houses.

However, the truth was that the royal family and the Four Marquis were slaves who couldn’t escape from the duty of maintaining the barrier. Therefore, no matter how many people said that nobles are the models of the people, some oppressed others by brandishing their authority, and there are also those, like the Lisburn predecessor, who indulged in women.

On the other hand, some were apathetic, and they showed no interest or motivation in work that didn’t include maintaining the barrier. Fortunately, there was no one in the current generation of Four Marquis Houses that met these extremities. There should be no one that met these extremities.

“Albans.” I had just finished filling the magic stone and had just left the barrier room when Molesey called out to me for a change.


I stopped thinking because I was a little surprised. Like how the Albans have violet eyes and the Lisburns have summery-blue eyes, the Moleseys have bluish-grey eyes. Their hair was a darker grey than silver, and their grey eyes were similar to the heavy winter clouds. 

Harold Molesey is known for not attracting others and his lack of interests just like his bleak appearance. I haven’t had many chances to befriend him, probably because he is in his 40s and was older than Stan and I. People think that he is someone who handles his government affairs and obligations in a disinterested manner. 

He was indeed someone who the supervision department could twist around their fingers. 

However, the same could be said about me, so I can’t say much. I am currently considered as the problem child by the supervision department. But I don’t care.

And Harold often calls me by my surname instead of not Dean. Albans was used to refer to me, so I didn’t care much about it until now. 

“Call me, Dean.”

Harold stared at me as if he was saying, “What’re you on about?”

“Isn’t it about time you call me Dean?”

The world became colourful with Lei’s birth, or to be more precise, at the moment when she considered me as family. Recently, I’ve begun to care about matters that I hadn’t before. 

“I don’t think we’re close enough for me to call you by your name,” However, this was how Molesey replied. I shrugged. If he thinks like that, then that’s fine. 

“Did you want something?” I changed the topic back to what it was. 

“Albans, I hardly see you here.”

That was certainly true until now. I usually come here to fill the magic stones before my government duties, once every five days. This wasn’t my routine, but I hardly come to fill the stones if I’d just done it a few days before. 

But lately, I haven’t been coming to fill the stones on this routine. Because the routine the Four Marquises use to maintain the stones would destroy my search for Lei. 

Therefore, I often fill the stones with someone from the other Four Marquis Houses. 

“Of course, I know that your precious daughter has been kidnapped. Nevertheless, you haven’t abandoned your duties as part of the Four Marquises.”

“Are you trying to say that it’s bad for me to come to fill the magic stone on the same day as the other Marquises?” I asked directly, and Harold shook his head.

“I’m just saying that you could change when you enter the room if you feel bad or if you can’t concentrate. But that’s not what I was implying.”

“Then what were you implying?”

I don’t like when people speak indirectly.

“Albans, isn’t it usually normal for you to refill the stone once every five days?”

Once every five days was nothing but a long habit of mine. Of course, people from the supervision department complained, but they have no reason to complain if the barrier is functioning properly. 

“Yeah. I’m trying to extend it to once every six days, and if possible, I want to make the intervals longer.”

“I knew it.” 

Harold narrowed his eyes a little, “As you know, my son has grown up, and now we are alternating our duties. That’s why we each have 10 days of freedom, but you are alone. Filling it once every five days is certainly distressing.”

“So that’s why the barrier will sway?”

Harold nodded, “The supervision department said the same thing.”

I snorted. 

“You’re right. Five days isn’t enough to go search for my daughter. There are still seven more years before my son is an adult. So what if I say I will fill enough magic to last six or seven days?”

“Absurd! No matter how much magic we have, we’re using it to its limit every time. That’s impossible!” Harold widened his bluish-grey eyes in surprise. 

“We’re increasing our magic power. That’s all,” I turned back as I answered. It wasn’t just me. Stan was also struggling to increase his magic power. Luke and Gill are also increasing their magic power. 

After all, the Four Marquises and the supervision department only think about maintaining the barrier according to regulations. They weren’t worth talking to. 


I don’t have to wait even if you tell me to wait. I quicken my pace. Oh, hadn’t someone done something similar to this?

“Please wait! Would you tell me more about how to increase-…”

I stopped.

“… one’s magic power?”

“What for?”

Luke and I increased our magic power by risking our lives. I don’t want to teach this method to a fellow who doesn’t make any effort and just does what the supervision department tells him to do. 

“I don’t know if you know this or not, but my son’s magic power is a little low for someone from a Marquis House.”

I didn’t know. This was something that people wouldn’t know until they attended the same school as his son. 

“What about the other people in your House?”

“My son surpasses the rest.”

I’m currently the only adult in the Albans House who has a lot of magic power, so my situation is worse than Molesey’s. I laughed wryly in my head. Shouldn’t I be the one consulting him?

“I’m still here now, so it’s fine. My House situation might be better than the other Houses. Even if I want to support my House until the next generation grows up, a person’s life expectancy is beyond their control. If there’s a way for my son to gain a little more freedom, then I wish to know of it,” he said, and his face reflected his love for his family.

“I can’t guarantee that it would raise his magic power, but I can teach you the basics and how to practice it.”

“Yes, thank you very much. Albans,” Harold bowed.

“My son knows more about this than me. You can come over whenever he doesn’t have school. By the way-.”

I grinned and continued, “You’re still calling me Albans?”

“… Dean.”

I nodded, turned around and started walking. I feel like I’ve won for some reason. 

At that time, I had no idea that I would finally discover news about Lei when Luke’s summer holidays had ended, and the signs of autumn were rich.

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Editor: Sam