Chapter 160: With the Rug Dragon

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

When I went back to my room, Nii-sama, Gill, Hans and Natalie surrounded me.


“I wnow.”

Nii-sama called my name anxiously, but I know. Nico aside, I came because Easter’s Third Prince was coming to the royal capital. Because there are a lot of people who are trying to protect me. But Nico is different. 

“Prince Aw onwy wanthsh tho shpend thime withh Nico.” (Prince Al only wants to spend time with Nico.)

“Prince Al does?”

Nii-sama scratched his head.

“He didn’th thawe Nico awong for hish shawe.” (He didn’t take Nico along for his sake)

“He didn’t?”

“Ai. No, he did. But, he mainwy did ith for himshewf.” (Ai. No, he did. But, he mainly did it for himself.)

Everyone pondered a little when I said he did it for himself. 

“To be honest, I think it’s easier to travel without a toddler, Lei-sama. If he did it for himself, then I feel like he would have left Prince Nico at home.” Hans looked like he couldn’t agree with me and I shook my head.

“Prince Aw wovesh Nico.” (Prince Al loves Nico.)

“It certainly does seem like he has something against you, but ah,” Nii-sama was surprised because he realised something.

“Is he annoyed because he thinks that you get along better with Nico than him?”

“Noth jushth lei. Nii-syama and Giww thoo. You geth awong withh him becaushe you theach him.” (Not just Lei. Nii-sama and Gill too. You get along with him because you teach him.)

“Then why doesn’t he interact with Nico? Ah.” Nii-sama realised something. 

“It’s because he doesn’t know how to express himself.”

“Ai. Ith’sh fine if he doeshn’th wnow. Buth he can’th puth Nico in dangeroush shithuathionsh.”

When Gill heard this, he put his hand on his chin like an adult and pondered. 

“So, what does that have to do with you taking Prince Nico home?”

Hans, who was also pondering, suddenly realised, “Lei-sama, were you perhaps trying to make him say, ‘Don’t go because I’ll feel lonely’?”

“Ai. If he threashuresh Nico, thhen he shhouwd shhow ith.”

“Will that work?”

I don’t know. However, if we really had to go back, then I would feel uneasy with just us and Nico’s guards. It’s a game to see who will fold first. 

“If he doeshn’th geth ith, thhen Nico wiww be in danger from now on.”

“It’s a trial for Prince Al.”


The match starts tomorrow. We finished making plans for tomorrow before sleeping. 

After breakfast the next day, we lined up outside Earl Coulter’s mansion and got ready to go home. Nii-sama and the others have already finished our travel preparations, all that was left was to wait for Natalie to get into the carriage. Well, we were also waiting for me to get onto the Rug Dragon, so nothing would proceed if I don’t move. 

“So, you can’t go home unless you ride a carriage after all.”

Prince Al had his arms folded like he was making fun of me, and it was stupid of him not to notice that everyone was watching him in suspense. 

I folded my arms and only watched him in anger. Then, I turned to the dragon. Minnie already had her basket attached. 




With my voice, dragons other than Minnie also gathered. Nico had already experienced this, so he was calm. The adults, however, were not. 

“What’s with them?!”

“Hah?! His Highness! Leila-sama!” They made a big fuss. However, the dragons didn’t approach us even though there were a lot of them. I glanced backwards at the fuss and reached out for Nii-sama’s dragon since it was closest to me. 

The Rug Dragon lowered his big head and muzzled me.

“Aah, Lei-sama is…!”


While Hans and Nii-sama were stopping the adults, who were trying to help, the Rug Dragon gently lifted me up and put me into Minnie’s basket.


I released my hand from the dragon’s head and slid into the basket. See, I got into the basket. I folded my arms and looked smug, but I don’t think many people can see me in the basket. 

“Nexth whath wiww you do Nico?”

“Alright. Dragon!” Nico yelled for a dragon, and another dragon carefully placed his head down. Nico clung to the dragon’s head and he was put on the basket on the opposite side of mine.

“I’m in!”


Natalie got into the carriage when Nico and I spoke, and Nii-sama and Gill straddled their dragons. The adults could only look at us in amazement. However, I saw Ojii-sama smile wryly while shaking his head. I’m sorry for causing a fuss, Ojii-sama.

Nii-sama called out to the stunned Prince Al, “Well then, Prince Albert, I’m sorry for my sister’s selfishness, but we’ll be going back to the royal capital first. We will prioritize safety and return home in the shortest time possible, so please feel at ease.”

“No, er, wait,” Prince Albert called in confusion, and Nico spoke to him, “Uncle, I’m sorry things turned out like this because I didn’t behave. I’ll listen to what I’m told, so please don’t worry.”

“Nico, Nico, wait.”

Nico yelled, “I’m very happy that I got to spend a lot of time with my beloved Uncle.”

Did his voice reach Prince Al’s heart? I glanced at Prince Al who was clenching his fist without saying anything and called out to the Rug Dragon, “Go!”



The Rug Dragons raised their voices happily while moving lightly.

“Swowwy.” (Slowly) I added quietly, and the dragon replied in a small voice, “Kyee,” before advancing slowly.

“*SNIFF*.” A voice came from the other side of Minnie.

“Nico, don’th cwy.”

“I’m not crying. It’s just that my chest hurts, and my eyes got warm.”

“You’re probabwy paththing your shthomach.” (You’re probably patting your stomach)

I can’t see him, but that’s probably what he’s doing. He didn’t cry when he left Prince Lambert, but he must feel lonely. Then, I felt Nico lift his face up.

“Lei it was fun.”


“I don’t want to go home yet.”

“Ai. Pwobably.”

“Probably?” I heard Nico’s depressed voice.

“Pwobably awright.”


Minnie turned back. You want to speed up, you say?


Because something is coming from behind us really fast.

“Jushth weep thhe shpeed you’re going ath.” (Just keep the speed you’re going at)

I don’t mind losing this game.