Chapter 191: Complicity (Luke’s POV)

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“You said isolation, but isn’t it just that we’re not close with them? The Remingtons do a proper job with the barrier and they are doing their political work as well. In other words, nothing has changed; in fact, it’s the rest of us three families that have changed.”

It was just that the three houses questioned what magic was because of Lei and grew a little closer. Even if the Remingtons are isolated, I don’t think they would have a problem with it, since Otou-sama didn’t think anything of it even if he were isolated. 

That was how much the Four Marquises weren’t interested in each other. 

“Father’s generation is probably fine with this. Or perhaps, it’s difficult to say what can be done to improve the situation. If father hadn’t made a move, then nothing would have changed in the first place,” Mark lightly agreed with me. 

“But I wonder if that’s alright with our generation.”

“Our generation?”

I was surprised that we had been lumped together. Otou-sama is still in the prime of his life. I had only started training my magic two years ago. I have six more years before I come of age. 

“Hey, hey, I may be a little older than you, but your father is more than 10 years older than me. However, I’m only four years older than Felicia, and five years older than Gill. I think of myself as being in the same generation as you guys and Prince Lambert.”

“Prince Lambert’s generation?”

“Yeah. Our fathers are in the same generation as the current King. And the Four Marquises who are younger than me and I are in Prince Lambert’s generation. Perhaps, Prince Nico’s generation will be included in this too.”

Mark is 20. He’s more in Otou-sama’s generation for me than the children’s generation.

“Dear me. Don’t treat me like an old man. Even with the barrier, I’m only helping father.”

“I’m sorry.”

Honestly, I apologised because I thought that his generation had nothing to do with me.

“I’m not going to say something childish like I want us to get along. It’s just the Remington House doesn’t seem the same as ours where our parents take good care of us.”

“I had an inkling that it was something like that.”

“That’s why…” Mark looked at Gill and Felicia and at His Highness and Chris, who were playing happily.

“Even if their parents aren’t supportive.” What was Mark expecting when he said that?

“It will be extremely difficult for Felicia to stand alone. When the time comes, if we don’t support her, then Kingdom, which is protected by the royal family and the Four Marquises, will collapse.”


“With father’s generation and ours. Two, not one, make up the groups that maintain the barrier. Wouldn’t it be a relief if that happened?”

It was something I hadn’t thought of. I didn’t know what to think and nothing came out of my mouth. 

“So, we’re going to train our magic, and raise all the children’s powers. So that the barrier can be maintained with our generation alone. Coincidence or not, but all the skilful people are gathered here, I’m sure we can do it.”

“You’re not just talking about the heirs, but Lei and Chris too?”

“That’s right. Those two have too much magic, so they probably won’t be left alone even if they’re not successors.”

“You came all the way here today to say that?”

Then it would have been better for him to come to the mansion so we can talk about it more. 

Mark looked a little cheeky and laughed. 

“I didn’t want father to know. I mean, Luke, you shouldn’t tell the Albans head either.”


“Because they’ll stop us.”

“You’re right.”

At least, Otou-sama wouldn’t like Lei to be involved, and Gill’s father wouldn’t want to impose such a burden on a small child. 

“But we can do it, for better or for worse. I’m not going to misjudge Lei’s special powers just because she’s cute. In terms of magic manipulation alone, she’s probably better than you.”


Lei said that I was amazing since I learnt everything quickly, but Lei is actually better at manipulating magic than me. She just doesn’t know because she can’t concentrate and falls asleep quickly. 

“Felicia is too serious to keep secrets, so you can’t tell Felicia and Chris about this. This is between me, you, and Gill.”

“I haven’t agreed to anything yet, and I don’t know what Gill will say.”

“Gill will agree. I’m sure.”

I couldn’t help but snap at the confident Mark, “Then, Prince Lambert…”

“He doesn’t know. If he does, then he’ll disband this study group.”

I felt like I was about to be made an accomplice to something preposterous.