Chapter 155: If Lei Can Do It…

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“We’re going to Purgatory Island again!? And at night this time!? What’re you thinking?!” Hans yelled. If this was going to happen, then I shouldn’t have told Nico about the Hollows. 

“I’ve seen Hollows at the border of Wester. However, Nico is only going to the north this time. It’s a safe area, and if I want to show him Hollows then there’s no better place.” Prince Albert calmly answered Han’s violent exclamation. Based on what Nico heard from me, he came up with the shallow idea that it was alright for him to see them since I’ve seen them. 

“Based on what proof are you saying it’s safe? You’re probably going to use a barrier box, but barrier boxes aren’t perfect. The range is limited, and if someone loses their calm and goes out of the barrier then they’ll become victim to the Hollow. We can’t let the royal family face such danger.” 

I looked at Hans in admiration. He has never been out of kingdom, so he’s never used a barrier box before, but he knows about the dangers. If he was in Frontier, then he would definitely be a skilled hunter. 

“Liththwe chiwdren are shcared of Howwowsh.” (Little children are scared of Hollows) I backed Hans up too. It’s not a pleasant thing, and I think they’re scary enough for children to have nightmares and cry at night. No matter how much Nico wants to see them, I don’t think it’s something that he should see at his age. 

“If you can do it, then Nico can too.”

“You’re mishthawen.” (You’re mistaken) I desperately tried to explain. If a baby sees a Hollow, then they would just blank out. However, the shock may be greater at an age where they understand that the ghost-like Hollows have the appearance of a person or animal. 

“I’m not. If the baby Albans says that she saw them every day, then Nico should see them too.”

Hans and I looked at Earl Coulter. He shook his head. He might be opposed to the idea, but he won’t stop the Prince. If it’s like that, then I’ll talk to the person himself, “Nico.”

“Lei, I want to see them too. I can’t go out of Kingdom like you, Lei. If the Hollows are the origin of Kingdom, then it’s important to see them.” 

If the Four Marquises aren’t adults, then they can leave Kingdom. However, that’s impossible for the royal family.

“But it’s been a long time since that sentence was abolished. There shouldn’t be any Hollows with a solid appearance since there’re no living beings on that island.”

“Fishhesh, and…”

That’s right. Fishes that jump to the surface. Stray animals. And perhaps those who want to commit suicide; a painless death is bliss. 

Nii-sama quickly picked me up and buried my face in his neck to stop me from talking any further. 

“If you have to take Prince Nico there, then Gill and I will go too.”

“Lei two.”

I was crushed by Nii-sama.

“Gill and I have hunted Hollows before, and we have Rhodolite swords.”

It went silent for a moment and Oji-sama looked up.

“What are Albans and Lisburn making their heirs do…” Prince Albert muttered involuntarily. Hans seemed to agree with him this time, but he confirmed, “So, you’ll do it no matter what?” Then, he looked at the escorts. Graces was silent and nodded as if he had given up. The escorts have already tried to persuade them. 

“Fine. But, Leila-sama won’t be going, so some escorts will have to remain behind. I would like you to rearrange the escorts so that you can make sure Luke-sama and Gilbert-sama are also safe.”

Hans, who didn’t think much of the safety of the royal family, is in a sense, a paragon of an Albans guard. 




“You can’t.”

Nii-sama anticipated my request and his reply was cold from the beginning. 

“Nii-syama, thhe barrier…” Nii-sama quickly buried my face and took me out of the room so that I couldn’t say anymore than that. 

“Lei, that was dangerous. What’s wrong? You’re always more careful,” Nii-sama whispered and Hans was behind us. 

“Nii-syama, ith’sh wiwe Hansh shaysh.” (Nii-sama, it’s like Hans says)

“What Hans said?” 

Nii-sama looked at Hans who raised his eyebrow since he didn’t know what was going on.

“Bawwier box.”

“The barrier box?”


Nii-sama tilted his head in confusion and I nodded.

“Peopwe wanth tho run away when thhey’re shurprished. They wiww weave thhe barrier shthraighth away.” (People want to run away when they’re surprised. They will leave the barrier straight away)

“Certainly, the barrier box usually has a range of only three metres. It’s wide, and if you’re upset you’ll be out of range.”

Nii-sama clenched his hands as if he had remembered something. 

“And if you move the barrier box itself, then it’s over.”

That’s right. That’s why I should go and keep the box with me.

“Lei, even if that’s true, I’m there.”

“Lei ish bethther.”

“That’s true, but…”

“Lei wiww awwaysh be nexth tho ith.”

Nii-sama placed his hands on my shoulders like he had given up.

“Luke-sama,” Hans called Nii-sama’s name as if he had realised something.

“Alright. Lei might be safer in a place where everyone can see her.”

“Sure, there’s less chance that she would be kidnapped that way, but…”

“Gill and I have a barrier box even if it’s for individual use. What worries me is what has been left behind on the island and which ship we will use…”

“According to Earl Coulter it’s fine. He hasn’t received any reports from the scouts that there are any suspicious people around.” 

I stared gapingly at Hans and Nii-sama. It appears that they still think that I would be kidnapped again. 

“You don’t have to look like that.”

Nii-sama wrapped my cheeks in his hands. 

“Let Prince Albert show us what he has. It would be nice if he knew how naïve he is for thinking that Prince Nico can see them just because you did, Lei.”

I think I was hallucinating when I thought that Nii-sama’s smile was scary. 

Thus, we were going to Purgatory Island again in the evening.