Chapter 182: Lei-sama Has Disappeared (Han’s POV)

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

“Heey, don’t go that way!”

“What is it?”

A voice from the mansion made me look away from Lei-sama for a second.

“Oh, there are holes on the hill over there. I won’t let them go up the hill, so it’s fine.” Prince Nico’s guard shrugged as if to reassure me. I was annoyed since they had caused many situations that were worrying, but I held back. 

I had my breaks when Lei-sama napped and stayed in her room. I took turns guarding her with another guard at night. So, I knew that Prince Nico and the other naughty boys were doing something, but I didn’t know what they were doing.

Therefore, I didn’t really want them to take her to the back of the mansion, but the other guards knew what they were doing, so I held back. Well, I was also impressed that they had some good points since they didn’t bring her here for mischief, but to show her a flower garden. 

However, it’s a different story if there’s a dangerous place nearby. 

“You won’t let them go up the hill? You guys should be a little more aware of what can happen when Lei-sama and Prince Nico are together,” I advised them frankly. Then, when I turned back to where Lei-sama was, she wasn’t there.

Prince Nico is there. Jeff is there. Lei-sama and Lawk aren’t there, and His Highness and Jeff both looked stunned. 

“Your Highness and Jeff-sama. I don’t see Lei-sama.”

“She fell down.”

“Hah? Fell down?!”

“Straight down. All of a sudden.” 

Jeff started to move as well at the sound of Prince Nico’s voice.

“They slipped straight down. The both of them.” His words were incoherent, probably because he was panicking. Then, I faintly heard Lawk’s voice, “Heey.”

“Hey? They’re down there!?”

I grasped various information with that realisation. 

“There’s a hole down there!? They fell down there!? Don’t move, Prince Nico and Jeff-sama.”

I left the two who were nodding frantically, dropped to my knee and lowered my gaze. There was a hole in the ground just two meters away from Prince Nico.


“Over there!? Heey!” I replied and carefully walked towards the hole. There it is!

I gently peeked into the hole. I was being careful, but dirt might have fallen down. 




I heard Lei-sama’s voice. I could faintly see white skin and golden hair in the light that was shining through the hole. It seemed like she was safe somehow, and I felt relieved and relaxed. 

“So, they’re there?!”

“Wait! Don’t run!”

What are you going to do if it collapses!? Are you an idiot?!

“Hansh, thhe dirth ish fawwing.” (Hans, the dirt is falling) I heard Lei-sama’s soft voice.

“Lei-sama, you’re okay. Stay calm. I’ll definitely get you out.”


Such a calm reaction to this disaster. My Ojou-sama is amazing. 

Adults can’t get into this narrow hole. The only way to get them out is to lower a looped rope, get them to wrap it around them and then pull them up. Just as I thought that, the person, who had probably called out from the mansion before, came running over. 

“I didn’t expect you to come this way. I told you it was dangerous cause there were holes here, didn’t I?”

“I, I thought you were talking about the holes over there.”

Prince Nico’s guards and Jeff and Lawk’s attendants were being yelled at. I wish they shared this information with me from the beginning. 

“I’ll bring the rope as quickly as I can, but it might be quicker to walk around to the hole in the hill. I’ll bring some light with me too.”

“It’s connected to the other side?! If we can get there safely, then it might be safer for Lei-sama that way rather than trying to get her out with a rope.”

“Well, we’ll try both ways. I’ll get more people to help.”

“Please ask Luke-sama and Gill-sama to come here as well.”

The person from the mansion looked hesitant. 

“It’s scarier if you don’t tell them. And Prince Nico and Jeff-sama, please go back.”


“Your Highness.”

“I feel like I know where Lei is. I’m sure I’ll be helpful if I stay here.”

I am weak against Lei-sama, so I’m weak against Prince Nico too. I looked at his guards.

“Don’t let them come over here please.”


Rather, shouldn’t you guys not hesitate to bring him back?! I resisted the urge to yell at them. 

Soon after that, Luke-sama and Gill-sama arrived, followed by Earl Neville, who was holding maps of the cave, and the mansion people who had various rescue tools. 

I was about to call out to Lei-sama to reassure her when, “Hans, wait.”


Luke-sama and Prince Nico stopped me.

“They’re moving.”

“Towards the hill.”

“What did you say!?”

I didn’t ask them how they knew. I carefully looked into the hole, and sure enough, I didn’t see anyone inside. 

“What on earth is going on?”

“It’s probably Lawk.”


Prince Nico and I looked at Jeff when he was about to say something. 

“I think he heard you talk about how it connects to the hole in the hill. He acts without thinking, so I’m sure he left when he heard that.”

“He acted on his own. Did Lei-sama choose to follow after him?”

I won’t contemplate that it would have been better for Lei-sama to stay there by herself. But it really is worrying. 

“Alright, let’s go around to the hill. It shouldn’t be that troublesome of a passage, but it’s been neglected for a long time so it may be on the verge of collapse. Let’s split into two teams and search for now,” Earl Neville’s voice was reliable and sounded a little relieved. 

Then, I felt something faint, and soon something else passed. What was that?

“It’s here.”

“It is.”


Luke-sama and Gill-sama’s voices. Prince Nico was also holding his chest. 

“This way.”

Luke-sama said, and the three moved. They moved towards the hill while avoiding the hole. Something passed by. Something was returned. 

“Here. Lei is under here.” 

At Luke-sama’s voice, Earl Neville didn’t hesitate to confirm the location on his map.

“It seems like they’re in the middle of the third tunnel. They’re near the fork, but it’s well reinforced.” He sounded a little relieved. 

“Ojii-sama. I’ll also go into the tunnels.”

“But you know. What would Dean say if he were here?”

“Otou-sama would only argue with me about who would go first.”

Earl Neville looked like he agreed with Luke-sama and I made the same expression as him. 

“I’ll stay here where Lei is.”

“Then, I’ll try to stay between Lei and Luke.”

I’m really glad that the three split up as if they realised something. 

Luke-sama proceeded to the tunnels without hesitation, and I was really relieved when we found Lei-sama and Lawk sitting quietly in the dark without crying. 

Lei-sama reached out to Luke-sama under the light and gave him a hug, then she got him to put her down and reached for me this time. I picked her, then she wrapped her arms around my neck and said, “Hansh, I wnew you wouwd find me.” (Hans, I knew you would find me.”

“Lei-sama. Of course.”

I couldn’t form the words, “I’m glad you’re safe,” or “I’m glad we found you.” Come to think of it, this might be the first time Lei-sama has praised me without reserve. Even at a time like this, my smart Lei-sama understands that being held by me instead of Luke-sama is the fastest way to get home.

I declare that my Lei-sama is the best in the world.