Chapter 189: Despite Being an Adult

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

Mark arrived in the middle of the next week. It was spring, but he had wintery hair and eyes. He’s a winter noble who is also popular with the Albans maids.


“Ith’sh Marw.”

“It’s Mark?”

Mark hadn’t come to class since he took us to the barrier room and got scolded even though he was supposed to be our teacher like Nii-sama. 

Still, we watched Mark excitingly as he walked over to us, as we expected that he would do something fun.

“Prince Nicholas, Lei, and Christine.”

“You can call me Chris.”

“Then, Chris. It’s a nice day today, so why don’t you three go to the West Botanical Garden?”

West Botanical Garden. How alluring it sounded. We were delighted. 

“Mark-sama, be careful,” the Prince’s guards looked reluctantly at Mark and called for his attention. That’s true. Mark took me and Nico to the barrier room without permission recently and the guards were also scolded a lot because of that. 

However, I think his guards should be scolded. After all, they did nothing good during the northern inspection. 

“By the way, Your Highness and Lei, aren’t you going to give me any souvenirs? I heard that Chris and Felicia got some.”

Where did he hear that from? I couldn’t give Felicia stones and a handmade bookmark, so Nii-sama should have prepared something for her since it was from the Albans House. I thought that the Molesey House would receive something as well. 

“Hm, uncle prepared a souvenir for you Mark.” Nico looked up at Mark as if he hadn’t gotten it. 

“I got it. Of course, I got some from Luke and Gill too. But you know…” Mark is around 20, but he was pouting and looked unhappy. 

“His Highness and Lei are both my friends. I thought it would have been nice if you gave me something since I had to stay at the royal capital.”

“You’re not our friend, aren’t you our teacher?”

“Oh, Your Highness, why did you say that? I’m your teacher, but I’m also your friend.”

“Hmm. I’m not sure about that.”

I felt troubled even if Nico looked at me. I sighed a little and fumbled in my poncho pocket. 

“Ai. Shouvenir.”

“I knew you got me something Lei! You knew what I was talking about. But what is this?”


It was a black rock from the northern fief that I happen to leave at the back of my poncho pocket. The maids would normally empty out my pockets, but they turned a blind eye to this since I usually kept snacks and other stuff in my pockets. 

“I know it’s a rock.”

Mark was puzzled. He had heard that Chris had received souvenirs, but he didn’t know what kind of souvenirs. 

“That’s…” Nico briefly explained for me, “It’s a cave rock that Lei picked up when she fell into a hole.”

“Thath’sh righth!”

Nico is amazing.

“It’s a special rock in the hilly parts of the north. She only showed it to me. You’re so lucky Mark.”

I only had two black rocks, so I only showed them to Chris. 

“Thwo. I onwy had thwo.”

“He, heh. It’s unusual. Thanks.” 

Mark tossed the rock and caught it, then he carefully tucked it into his pocket. 

“I heard that Felicia has been joining in on your classes. It’s boring that I’m the only one who seems to be left out of the loop.”

“You’re older than us, and you’re already channelling your magic into the magic stones for the barrier.” Nico was shocked. 

“That’s true, but Felicia is practicing on them now as well, and Gill will be starting next year.”

“Giww twoo?”

“He’s only younger than Felicia by a year.”

Oh yeah, Gill is almost an adult. 

“I’m the oldest and Luke is the youngest, so Felicia and Gill are in the middle, but they’re closer to Luke. And you two younger sisters are close to each other as well. I’m the only one out of place, it’s not fun at all.”

“Aren’t you friends with father?”

“With Prince Lambert? I’ve never thought of it that way before. Al and I are friends though.”

By the way, Nico, who is talking to Mark as an equal, is three years old; I am two and Chris is five. I was shocked at what they were talking about. 

“But why is Felicia attending your classes?”

“That’s…” Nico glanced at Chris and I. He was probably wondering what he should say. 

“It’s a secret.”


There was no need to worry about it. We’ve already decided to keep it a secret.

“It’s a secret from me as well? Even though I’m also a child of the Four Marquises?”

“It’s a secret between the children, Mark.”

Nico looked at Mark as if saying he was an adult. He’s a really hopeless adult. 

“Ashw Nii-shama and Fewicia.” (Ask Nii-sama and Felicia)

“Yes, you should ask Nee-sama directly.”


What’s with that tsk? The guards were also standing surprised at the back. One couldn’t hold back his laughter. 

The West Botanical Garden had a greenhouse with a few flowers from Wester and lots of fruits and vegetables.

“Wathermewon! I athe ith in Weshther.”

“I’ve also had them before, but aren’t they summer fruits?”

Since it was a greenhouse, precious things grew it in. 

“I thought that the West Botanical Garden would be better for you than the one in the south since there’s a lot of food here and you’re gluttonies. This is where they grow food used in the castle. These foods go into your mouth, Your Highness and they’re also served in the dining hall.”

We were certainly learning about the world with this. 

The watermelon was too expensive to eat, but we were allowed to eat freshly picked tomatoes and the like, and then Mark’s class was over. 

“Let’s meet again,” Mark briskly left, and his evaluation went up.



“See you later.”

We waved our hands, and a few days later, we were gaping. 


I saw a happy Mark and a dejected Nii-sama, Gill and Felicia. 

“I’ve decided to take Luke’s class with you.”

What the heck are you doing? You’re already an adult and doing your job as a member of the Four Marquis.

“Now, let’s see you shake your magic.”

He must have come here to play, not study.