Chapter 18: Garland Clinic 05

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But when Priest Austin heard my idea, he looked conflicted as he said, “Anise, so who’s going to manage that well? Most people will be happy if you were to do that, but that doesn’t mean that people won’t abuse it. For example, there will be those who will try to monopolise it; or those who will turn it into a business or those who will try to steal the stone that you made; or some might even pick fights. There are even people who might throw poison inside the well to harm others as well, you know? It would be bad if that kind of things happened at the clinic. Rules and guards would be needed to prevent such things from happening. And you’re saying you want to increase the number of ‘magic’ wells to two…”

“Yes… It only heals headaches and stiff shoulders, so I didn’t think that would happen…?”

“It would. It might have seen like a slight effect to you. But medicine for curing headaches and stiff shoulders aren’t normal, you know? There are a lot of people who are willing to pay just to become energetic, you know? And sometimes people are willing to fight for it.”

“You’re right… I’m sorry.”

At that moment, Director Sultana looked empty and said, “No, it might be a good idea to build a well outside too. All that matters is that people don’t crowd this clinic anymore. We just need to build the well far from this clinic. Then, it wouldn’t be our problem, even if someone steals or does business at that well~.”

Director, I feel like you’re being reckless since you’re exhausted. 

He seemed very bothered by my careless suggestion. I’m sorry. 

“Hmm, well I guess so… Then, let’s try to go to the nearby village and negotiate with them. It’ll have nothing to do with us if we let the villages use the water in exchange for managing it. Maybe this will reduce the number of sick people coming here too. Fufufu.”

It was decided. If the priest goes to negotiate, then I’m sure any village would happily agree. 

I thought they wouldn’t know, anyway, since the effect was much less potent than the potions I usually made, but I was naïve. 

I walked to the garden in a daze to look for another stone that seemed like it would be compatible with magic. 

In the end, I made three stones with the same efficiency. 

There were three villages that wanted the stones, and the priest also thought that it would be more difficult to sell the water at ridiculous prices, or be fought over, if it was in multiple locations. 

“So, Anis, please give me three stones~,” he asked me gently. Well, I’ll make it. 

I have to reap what I sowed. I didn’t want to cause anymore troubles, so I carefully made three stones with the exact same effects. I think that my ability to adjust my power has gotten better.

So, as a result, word spread quickly that ‘Garland Clinic has a healer with incredible magic powers’. It was certainly carried by the well water to various places. 

Well, this would be the outcome, now that I think about it… 

I already had my hands full with the potion requests, but then I started getting requests for stones instead of the potions, and I turned them down through Director Sultana. 

I’ve learnt my lesson. Healing stones are dangerous. It’s scary since they don’t degrade even if you use it. 

People fuss a lot over an effect like healing stiff shoulders and headaches, even though those could be healed with drinks in my previous life. 

It would create an uproar if I were to make stones that healed wounds or cured diseases. 

Also, it’s likely that there would be a conflict of ownership, theft or fraud because of stones like that. If, in the worst case, I, as the creator, were to be held responsible for all that, then I wouldn’t be able to focus on my original goal. I wanted to avoid such a situation as much as possible. 

That’s why I was afraid to make stones that would go to places that I didn’t know about. 

At the very least, I should know who has the stones. 

And, it’s possible that the stone could be carried to the neighbouring kingdom, instead of me, when the time comes. 

But I’m certain that stones of little power won’t be taken to the neighbouring kingdom. But, no one can really know for sure. 

I began to feel a bit uneasy when my fame as a healer who can enchant stones grew. 

I’m happy if this news only spread around this area, but if this news reached the royal castle, then it might be investigated or something. 

It’s a rare ‘healing magic stone’ that an ordinary healer couldn’t make. 

I know how hard it is to channel magic into stones. My potions are already said to be unprecedentedly excellent for something that wasn’t made by the ‘Saint’, so it would be impossible for someone who has to give their all to make a potion like that to channel their magic into stones. It would probably take a tremendous amount of time, even if they are able to make stones like mine. 

It’s fine if I only get requests for stones, but what would happen if the royal castle becomes interested in the healing stones, or becomes interested in the creator? 

Even if they don’t find out it’s me, what would happen if they asked me to come to the royal castle to make stones, or ask to meet me because the stones are rare?

Hime and the others at the castle who have met me in the past will immediately know that I’m alive and well the moment they see my face when I go to the castle. 

I mustn’t go there. 

It’s much better to run away and ‘survive’ than to go to the royal castle. 

The Prince and his fiancée, Hime, should be back from their trip by now. 

I always check the newspapers, but they don’t seem to provide much information about this. 

This clinic allows employees to live here, so I haven’t spent much of my salary, and I’ve also saved a certain amount from when I was travelling. I’m sure I can keep on living for a while, even if I suddenly fled from here. 

But then I would have to throw everything away and disappear. The business here, which now revolves around the potions I make, may slow down. I didn’t want to do something that would cause trouble to the people here. 

I’ve finally made acquaintances and am living here comfortably. 

Though, I haven’t made any close friends. I didn’t want to make any close friends because I didn’t know how the people from the castle would treat them in the future if they were to come chasing after me. 

But there are a lot of people who I have become friends with; we spent time peacefully together, exchanged greetings and made small talk while eating.

I want to continue working peacefully as an employee of this clinic until the time comes.


I don’t want to get caught and killed. 

I’m being hunted. That’s always at the back of my mind. 

After thinking for a bit, I decided to make small pieces of wood, each with my magic in it, so that the clinic can continue to make potions for a while after I’m gone, and secretly gave it to Director Sultana. The wood also has the effects written on them, so it’s easy to understand. I channelled my magic into wood instead of stone this time, so they should deteriorate and break down one day if they’re soaked in water to make potions. 

When I first showed them to Director Sultana, he was surprised and kindly asked me why, but I didn’t know how much I could tell him yet, so I was vague about it. So, I just told him, “I’m actually being hunted, and I don’t want to get caught. So, I’ll run away if they find me.”

I also told him that I wasn’t a criminal but there were people who are after me. 

Director Sultana looked at me with pity when I told him this. 

“I see. There are certainly a lot of people who would like to monopolise your ability,” he said.

Then, he took the wood and promised to keep them under strict control. 

Now, this clinic can continue to run even if I were to suddenly run away and disappear. 

It would probably last until he can hire people who can make potions. 

I must be careful at all times. 

I definitely don’t want to be captured all of a sudden. 

Definitely not.