Chapter 32: Audience 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“Is that the rumoured healer?” A man, who stood arrogantly next to Prince Loire and seemed to be his close aide, said. He’s quite handsome… And I’m sure he was one of the capture targets since he looked familiar. I think he’s the Prime Minister’s son or something.

Two people looked down on us from the platform. The Prince frowned when he saw my veil, and Hime looked surprised for a second before her eyes fixated on Lek.

Oh, you don’t seem interested in me. Thank god.

And you’re easy to understand. Yeah. You can’t help but pay attention to a super-hot guy.

But you might not want to carelessly stare at him right now.

If you ask if it’s me, then yes, it is.

But there are circumstances for why I can’t honestly say that.

So, Father Austin answered the aide’s question.

“This girl is definitely a healer. However, she has a big ugly scar on her face, and she panics whenever people see her real face. She usually uses illusion magic to disguise the scar, but we heard that such magic is prohibited in the royal castle. She has also taken a sedative in order not to panic, and it has affected her speech. So instead, I, her father, will speak for her. Please forgive our rudeness.”

Things were progressing exactly as we had planned.

For that reason, after I had put on the veil and entered the royal castle, I was pretending to be at the mercy of these two.

Because of that, I couldn’t even complain when the Priest looked at me as if he was looking at a rare creature; it was a bit tough.

“I’ll allow it.”

Perhaps my efforts were successful since we managed to get permission from him even though he looked a little suspicious. That’s good.

Anyway, this was a last resort since Hime might be able to find out who I am based on my voice.

At any rate, I want to leave this room without uttering a single word.

Yes, I’m desperate. Very desperate.

I prayed that Saint Hime wouldn’t tell me to use heal here, because I sure would. That’s why I’m on guard.

However, Hime seems fixated on Lek, and didn’t give me any thought. I can’t believe you can use handsome people like this too.

The Prince continued, “Then I’ll keep it brief. I wanted to talk about why we have brought you here. As you know, our kingdom is currently at war with the neighbouring kingdom, Farglow. We’re currently under a truce, but we will surely fight again in the near future. At the suggestion of the ‘Saint of Prophecy’, who is standing next to me, we have decided to commence the ‘Saint’s Salvation’, an initiative to heal the large number of wounded people who will surely appear because of war. We are gathering healers for that initiative. I also wish the lady healer over there to help with the precious Saint’s initiative.”

Be grateful since it’s a great honour.

Such thoughts exuded from the Prince’s expression and words.

I see, so you’re going to make such a big deal out of your activities as a ‘Saint’. The ‘Saint’s’ reputation will increase with that. They’re probably gathering all the healers in this kingdom.

Next, the ‘Saint of Prophecy’ smiled and said in a theatrical and emotional voice, mainly towards Lek, “I want to save a lot of people. It breaks my heart to see the people suffering. I want to save the weak citizens of this kingdom. To accomplish this, instead of doing it by myself, it would be better to have as many healers as we can to heal as many people as we can. Of course, you’ll help me for the sake of the citizens, right? You, Anise.”

Huh? Excuse me? Are you referring to me by name? I thought you were talking to Lek since you were staring at him so passionately while you were talking, but I’m surprised you looked at me when you said the last word.

But, Father Austin spoke, “I apologise. This girl has difficulties being in contact with other people due to her facial scarring. Therefore, we were living quietly in the middle of nowhere. I’m sorry to say that even such a noble activity would be difficult for her.”

That’s right. I was so scared of being found out. I promised to play along with this since Lek wanted to come here, but in exchange they had to promise to refuse any offer that was made, and that we would run away in the end. 

So, they will refuse, no matter how good the offer was.

Hime, however, didn’t back down.

“But I’m the Saint. I could recognise how great this girl’s aptitude for healing is from the moment I saw her. I can use her abilities more effectively than the three of you can ever do on your own. Our nation will regard you with great honour and respect shall you join this initiative with Prince Loire and myself. This is a great opportunity for you. Think carefully,” Hime, the ‘Saint’, said from the platform. She’s gotten more radiant…

And when the retainers heard this, they raised their voices in respect, “Ooh! As expected of the Saint! She’s even kind to commoners!”

The Prince also looked at the ‘Saint’ with the same kind of fascination.

Ah… I’ve seen this somewhere before…

This is the so-called ‘Heroine’s Showtime’. People praise the ‘Saint’ with words like ‘amazing’ and ‘kind’.

However, the ‘Saint’, as the main character, should have been beaming with pride at that moment, but instead, she was glaring at Lek for some reason, like a predator who had found its prey.

It’s quite dreadful, but what’s wrong with her? She can’t take her eyes off him because he’s too handsome?

But his personality is really disappointing, you know? Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with her.

But isn’t this a bit too patronising? She’s going to ‘use’ us? Or is it normal to think that way when you’re royal? I don’t know how people in high positions think since I’ve never been in such a position myself.