Chapter 138: Chris’s Study

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

I don’t know what happened to Mark after that. Nico’s Otou-sama told Otou-sama to lecture Mark, but I don’t know how he was lectured.

“Marcus-dono is probably fine.”


“I’ll go out of the castle in the morning when Onii-sama comes to teach,” Nico muttered. Nico was probably worried too. It’s not funny when a three-year-old worries about a twenty-year-old infant. However, Nico said that he will be four soon. 

“If Marcus-dono is gone, then we wouldn’t be able to go out on outings like you said, right Lei? I still want to explore different parts of the castle.”


It was a rather selfish reason. Though it’s the same for me. Children wander around in a limited space. It’s enough for most of them to move around their houses, and if they go too far, then they get tired. Therefore, children can’t be taken all around the place.

You’ve gone all the way to Frontier, you say? I didn’t go there because I wanted to. If I could have chosen, I would have gone to town and ate food at the stalls. However, Bart and his crew often brought food for me from the stalls in Lentforce.

Thus, the lively Nico might want to explore. I know how he feels.

“What is an outing?”

“Ith meansh tho thravew a withthwe far.” (It means to travel a little far)

“So, it’s travelling?”

Chris is here today, but it seems like she didn’t know that there was an uproar because we went to between the barrier the other day. If she doesn’t know, then that’s good. Nico is a curious child, so I don’t know what these two would do together since they move around a lot more than me. I have to act proper.

“Your arms aren’t crossing.”

“Dey are.”

I can understand that it is fun to go out and explore. Well, I did feel like we were studying when we went out, but that’s fine.

Today will be Chris’s first magic practice. Felicia came here this morning to drop Chris off, and she had worriedly said, “Isn’t it still too early for Chris to learn?” But, I wanted Chris to start training as quickly as possible, so the timing was just right. 

Chris is a normal child who can listen properly even though she has grown up spoilt. Sometimes, she gets irritated and acts wilful. Although she’s an infant, I can’t understand what is going on in her mind. 

However, what I do know is that she has a lot of magic. 

She will get cranky on days when her magic is unstable, just like Nico. Even when she got cranky, it didn’t seem as bad as when it happened to Nico, and she didn’t get violent. Still, I think it would be unpleasant to feel bad without understanding the reason behind it. 

So, I talked to Nii-sama about this beforehand. He was against it at first. 

“Hmm. I’m basically against learning magic manipulation before the age of 10. Small children don’t know about moderation, so they might go too far in the name of training. However, it might be worth trying if she doesn’t feel good.”

“Ith’sh bethther tho ushe a fun way tho wearn.” (It’s better to use a fun way to learn)

I showed Nii-sama the broken light magic tool that I had gotten in Lentforce.

“Liwe dish and dath.” (Like this and that)


“Woah, it’s dazzling.”

I giggled. Oh yeah, this is the first time I’ve shown this to Nii-sama.

“I see, you can directly channel your magic into magic tools…?”


“That’s why you’re able to make your own barrier, I see, Lei.”


“Let’s go see Otou-sama?”

In the end, I failed because I got scolded for being reckless. Well, that’s fine. He didn’t say we couldn’t directly channel our magic. He only said that they’ll probably be motivated if it’s fun.

“Lighthsh up. Fun. Ith’ww be fine withh a shmaww magic shthone.” (Lights up. Fun. It’ll be fine with a small magic stone.)

“That’s right. It might motivate them if it’s the smallest light magic stone.”

While watching us speak, Otou-sama looked like he couldn’t agree. 

“I’ve never seen it before, but does Chris have that much magic? She didn’t inherit the eye colour of the Four Marquises, so even if you say that she has a lot of magic, she probably doesn’t, right?”

“I didn’t pay much attention to her either. We don’t know how much magic someone has unless we concentrate on them.”

“Smawwer thhan lei’sh. Buth a woth.” (Smaller than Lei’s. But a lot)

At least, she has more magic than a normal person.

“Let’s check that too.”


Thus, Nico, Chris and I waited happily for Nii-sama after lunch on the day he was coming to the castle.

“Ah, it’s Marcus-dono.”

“Why is Marcus-dono here?”

Mark came directly from the castle before Nii-sama and Gill arrived in the carriage.

“Your Highness Nico, Lei, and Chris. I’ll be joining you today.”

“Marcus-dono, did you really come here to study?” Nico asked seriously, and Mark smiled wryly.

“I got scolded a lot after that. First from Dean-dono, then my father. Good grief!”

He hasn’t reflected on his actions. I looked at him sternly. 

“Lei, I won’t be careless anymore. I promised that I won’t be reckless, and that I will plan and submit a proposal before I take you exploring again.”

“Can I bring shnacwsh withh me?”

“Of course.”

“Then, thhath’sh awrighth.”

“Exploring?!” Nico was overjoyed.

“But, on the other hand, I need to study again from Luke-dono. So, I’ll be your Sensei while we’re exploring, but right now we’re classmates. I look forward to study with you too, Chris.”

“Fine,” Chris said as if she had no choice but to say that. Nii-sama arrived while we were talking.

“No way, I really didn’t think Marcus-dono would be here…”

“Gilbert-dono, it’s gotten really troublesome so let’s call each other Gill and Mark, alright? Please call me that as well Luke-dono and Your Highness.”

“Hmm. Then, everyone can call me Nico.”

The lesson which started off frankly, ended up with Chris stumbling a bit. 

First, Chris seemed uncomfortable because Nii-sama and I were staring at her.

“Hm. This is…”

“I wnow righth?”

When I looked at her magic again, I saw that it wasn’t as much as the Four Marquises but it was much more than people in the markets. 

“Chris, do you sometimes get annoyed and feel uncomfortable?”

“Why do you know that? At those times, everything I do is boring and I feel bad.”

“It might be your magic making you feel bad. Let’s try letting it out a bit. You might feel better if you do that.”

“I want to try.”

Nii-sama looked at me.

“Ai. Thish ish a wighth magic shthone.” (Ai, this is a light magic stone.)

I took out the small light magic stone out from the magic tool and showed it to Chris. The colour on the stone had gotten thin. 

“Channew your magic intho thhish.”

“Luke! What are you making a small kid do?! She’ll faint!”

“Mark, it’s fine.” 

While Gill was holding Mark back, I showed Chris how to slowly channel her magic into the magic stone. It turned a darker colour. 

“No way. She’s fine?!” Unlike the stunned Mark, Chris looked like she was having fun. Her eyes were sparkling.


“Puth your bad feewingsh intho dish.”

I handed another magic stone to Chris.

“Bad feelings.”

“Cowwecth ith in your body, yesh.” (Collect it in your body, yes)

She probably thought of something very disgusting. Chris’s magic was channelled into the magic stone as if it was driven out of her body.

“See, ith’sh gone.”

“Somehow, yes, it feels refreshing.”

Chris tried moving her body around.

“Then, you thurn dish.”

“Like this?” 

Chris turned the key. *LIGHT!*


I giggled.

“Dish ish Chrish’sh magic.”

“My… magic…”

“What the heck did the Albans make her do…?” Mark muttered while looking at the happy Chris and I. Nii-sama quietly averted his gaze from me.

The Albans didn’t make me do anything. I learnt this on my own. But, isn’t this good? Both Nico and Chris are better now.

“Sthudy magic.”

“Is that what I have to do…?”

Mark stared off into space.