Chapter 139: Mark’s Study

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

I took out a big magic stone out of my bag for Mark. Since the Albans deal with magic tools, we can collect as many magic stones as we want. When I asked Otou-sama to get me magic stones of various sizes to study magic, he said, “I don’t really care about Mark’s or Christine’s magic training, but if you want them, then I’ll get them for you, Lei,” and collected a lot for me. 

I chose various magic stones from among those he presented me with and brought them here. Mark can fill up magic stones of any size, but his magic should be used to fill the magic stone for the barrier. So, I couldn’t let him fill a big magic stone. 

“Well, if you get Mark to fill this magic stone, then we can sell it for a lot if we put it into a barrier box. There’s been a lot of demand for barrier boxes recently, so the more magic stones we have the better.”


Otou-sama wasn’t interested in business before, but he became a little bit more interested in it after I got kidnapped. 

“We can make a lot of barrier boxes if it’s just for selling, but if the magic stones can’t be filled in the end, then the boxes will just end up being disposable items. Having said that, there aren’t many who can fill magic stones for barrier boxes. It’s fine for you and Luke to fill up magic stones to practice, but we can’t sell those if it can’t be used continuously.”

It’s wonderful that he’s troubled, but it’s funny that he’s trying to sell the magic stones which Nii-sama and I use for practice. 

Before I was kidnapped, there was an accident where I had accidentally channelled my magic into a magic stone even though I was still a baby, but I survived Frontier thanks to that. When I returned and Otou-sama found out about this, he tried to keep me far away from magic stones, but he decided that it was better for me to grow my powers and allowed me to train my magic and fill magic stones. 

Incidentally, filled magic stones are bought at a reasonable price, and they’re put aside as mine and Nii-sama’s savings. However, Otou-sama said it was like trash since we’ll inherit a lot.

So, the magic stones that I took out were a little bigger and could be used to boil a lot of water. 

“Yesh, Marw. Swowwy, swowwy.” (Slowly)

“Channel my magic in slowly? But, I can fill this in an instant.”


Nii-sama and Otou-sama have seen how Mark uses his magic, but I haven’t. I know that he has a lot of magic because he’s part of the Four Marquises, but that’s all.

I stared at Mark as he channelled his magic into the magic stone. Nii-sama was next to him, Gill was behind him and Nico and Chris were beside him; they were all staring at him curiously. 

“It’s hard.”

Mark looked pale, but he started to concentrate. The magic that was overlapping with his body started shaking. He had no method. He was just pouring his large magic pool into the stone.


“He’s a bit better than before.”


Nii-sama and I whispered to each other.

“I can hear you. I know Luke thinks that way, but you too, Lei?”

The magic stone quickly turned dark purple, but there is a problem.

“Didn’t she say to do it slowly? Even I can do it.”

“Your Highness Nico, you too?!”

Mark slumped over. People who can’t see magic aren’t conscious about magic. Shall I try pushing my magic into him like I did with Alistair and Nico?

“Marw, thawe outh your hand.”

“My hand? Alright.”

Mark obediently held out his hand. I held his hand with both hands, and gently pushed my magic into them.

“Uo, uoah.”

Mark reflexively pulled his hand away and rubbed his arms as if he had gotten goosebumps.

“What was that?”


“Lei’s magic?”


Mark was still rubbing his arms.

“It even made my shoulders feel chilled. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

“That’s how magic overlaps with your body and people usually aren’t aware of this.”

“Yeah, but…”

Nii-sama explained to Mark, “Lei’s magic didn’t run up to your shoulders. Lei only pushed your magic, and the chill is from your own magic.”

“My magic.”

“Your magic doesn’t just exist in your shoulders, it’s also in your feet, chest and everywhere in your body. Magic manipulation allows you to become aware of your magic and move it around your body. So, you can freely take it out or in at will.”

“So that means that my magic will leak out in vain if I can’t do this?”

Nii-sama and I nodded. Oh my, Hans is moving weirdly in the corner of my eyes. Behind me? Be careful?

“You’re doing something interesting.” Someone suddenly said. Was Hans referring to this? But, it was Nico’s Otou-sama’s voice. I wonder what he’s worried about.


Nico jumped and broke off in a run. He was running to his Otou-sama who had short hair. No, he looks like Nico’s Otou-sama, but he’s not.

“Your Highness Albert,” Nii-sama muttered, and everyone fixed their postures. Of course, Chris and I were a little late to react. After all, I’ve never met him before. Since Nico called him uncle, he’s probably a Prince. Nico clung happily to the Prince’s leg.

Prince Albert glanced at us and muttered in surprise, “Aren’t all the Four Marquises bloodlines here?” I looked at Chris who hadn’t recognised Prince Albert and was impressed that he recognised her as a Remington even though they have never met. He can tell the rest of us are because of our eye colours. He’s someone who pays attention to the situation around him and has studied a lot.

“Al, it’s been a while. Did you come back from your inspection?”

“Oh, no. I just arrived back at the castle, but I wanted to see Nico first.” Prince Albert responded casually to Mark, who had greeted him cheerfully. Then, he looked down at Nico and ruffled his head. He probably spoils his nephew. And, Mark was his classmate?

“A lot of things happened while I was out on my inspections?” Prince Albert muttered and Nii-sama said quietly, “Your Highness. It’s been a long time since you’ve returned, so we’ll leave early today. Please spend time with your family.”

“Luke? It’s fine. I can’t get in the way when Nico’s having this much fun.”

“Uncle. We’re studying about magic right now.”

“Oh. Continue.”

I felt a bit strange. I’ve always thought that Nico’s way of speaking is stiff, but it seems like he was affected by how his beloved uncle spoke.

“Then, weth’sh conthinue.”

“Lei, we’re continuing?”


Mark seemed pitiful. I’m certain he doesn’t want his classmate to see him learning from a toddler. But Mark did grasp something before. However, Hans was shaking his head and telling me to stop from a distance. I faced Nii-sama and his expression said that we couldn’t stop now. So, we can only continue. 

“Spread that chill from your shoulders. Lei can do it for you again if you need her to, but it didn’t feel good, did it?”

“You’re right. Alright, concentrate, feel the chill. Only my arms got cold and I got goosebumps. Do I just need to think that my body’s cold? Chill, goosebumps, uoah.”

It looked like his other arm was getting goosebumps too.

“Somehow, it feels like my body’s swaying.”

“Your body isn’t swaying. You just think that you are because you’re conscious of your magic.”

I gently held Mark’s hand.


“Concenthrathe ith on thhish hand.”

“My hand feels warm. And it won’t move. I see, my body and my magic, they’re different things…”

“Nii-syama, magic shthone pweashe.”

“Move the swaying parts, right? Alright, here.”

I made Mark hold the large magic stone.

“Sway nashthy thhingsh here.”


“Bith by bith.”

Mark’s magic shook more gently than before.

“Whoa. That was hard.”

“Marw, good job.”

“You did well.”

Nico and I complimented Mark and he smiled wryly.

“It’s tough, but easy to understand. The Albans siblings are the strongest.”

“Of course.”

Why does Nico sound proud?

And, I was scolded by Hans, “Why are you so careless, Lei-sama?” when Prince Albert looked at us while thinking about something. Nii-sama did it too! When I replied, Nii-sama said that he’ll get Otou-sama to scold me.

I think their demands for an infant are too high.